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AO 89 (Rev. 08/09) Subpoena to Testify at a Hearing or Trial in a Criminal Case UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the District of the United States of America v.) )))) Case No. Defendant SUBPOENA TO
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(If you have been in custody, your removal is the judge's or court officer's responsibility.) There is not any time restriction. If you do not appear, or if you fail to comply with any of the court's orders, your rights may be limited, and you could be held in contempt of court (subject to fine) or imprisoned for up to twenty (20) days. (Punishment for contempt is subject to change. See CPL) You are required to testify fully and truthfully at all relevant times, without evasiveness or concealment. It is important that you are able to testify fully and truthfully because your full statement may be used at the sentencing hearing. If you are unable to testify truthfully at a hearing, your rights may be limited, and you could be held in contempt of court (subject to fine) or imprisoned for up to twenty-five (25) days. (CPL (2)) Any failure to comply with these court orders could result in a violation of contempt, and you could be fined or imprisoned. You are advised to contact a legal specialist, a defense attorney, or your own legal counsel for advice. You are informed that you have the right to appear in court, to be present and provide evidence or testimony for your defense whenever the circumstances require it in all criminal cases. Furthermore, you have also been informed that you have the right to confront or cross-examine any person, including yourself, on any subject or matter. Furthermore, you are also given the following rights and privileges from and including section 8-0203 of Title 7, ORS 806; ORS 1108; ORS All persons appearing in this court to give evidence, to testify, or to be examined have the right to be accompanied by an interpreter or by a written report signed by them and given to the court clerk or court officer who is presiding. If you wish to bring an interpreter, you are strongly advised to contact an attorney before coming to court to speak in your defense and to find out what requirements are expected of your lawyer or if the interpreter works for you. It is your right to make your own observations and questions. You continue to have this right regardless of whether you speak the local language or how well you understand that language. If you do not understand the language or if you cannot understand one of the interpreters, or the written report written by the interpreter, the court may not hear your testimony or examination.
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